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Digital Kiosk


The digital display solution of ELGO TECH never fails to inspire the audience with its high resolution and content which is more captivating than static messages. 

The advantages of digital displays are their ability to show a wide range of these multimedia formats, like images and video, which catapult it to become a superior mode of communication. We believe that a good digital display solution can energize your indoor and outdoor environment without compromising the unique aesthetic of your space. 

Nowadays, digital display screens can be seen everywhere and they already become one of the most cost effective tools to promote business and strengthen brands in various circumstances, such as retail shop, hotel, office building and public events.

As a digital display expert, ELGO TECH understands many people struggle to manage and distribute digital content to multiple devices. It was caused by two main barriers: Software limitation and complex manage interface.

ELGO CAST is a cloud -based digital content management tool, which aims to save our business clients' time during routine operation and improve their work efficiency so that reinforce their brand awareness.

One -Stop Service

  • Perfect coordination with devices

  • Continuous updating

  • Lifetime technique support

No System Restrictions

  • Cloud-based platform

  • Friendly to most of browsers

  • Accessed by PCs, mobile phones, tablets

Fully Controllable

  • User friendly interface

  • On demand content editing

  • Easy to manage content and devices

Reliable Security

  • Securely distribute and receive content

  • Turn on/off devices remotely

  • Secured cloud storage