Indoor Digital Display

Indoor LED displays are becoming an increasingly popular method of informing and directing your customers given the ability to regularly update your engagement with multiple time-sensitive messages programmable within your LED display sign.

 Compared with traditional lightbox signages, indoor LED display offers enhanced video quality, vibrant colours, sharper images,  detailed crystal-clear images with smooth motion reproductions.

Indoor LED signs should advise customers on how to get to different parts of your store or office, persuade them to purchase products and inform them regarding any ongoing promotions. Indoor LED displays can be placed at the point of purchase, as wall signs, A-frame signs, and many more such situations.


Customized LED Solutions

ELGO TECH aims to provide customized LED solutions through high-quality screen hardware and professional installation service. We are not retailer, we are the problem solver.

The final display effect of each LED project is not the only thing we concern about. ELGO TECH will consider the whole project lifetime, including preliminary research, feasibility assessment, installation and following maintenance.