Office CCTV

We understand that as a business owner you worry about the security of your business. Our Office CCTV solution allows you to monitor all activities within your business where you can’t keep an eye on things all the time. We select Arlo to be our CCTV security provider because Arlo offers a powerful line of wireless camera options that are designed to offer you a customizable office security experience. 


Key Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Business Environments

Client and Employee Protection – We all know how important employees and clients are to a healthy business. A CCTV security camera installed in your reception or lobby is a great way to safeguard your clients and employees, as well as their belongings.

Ease of install – New security camera systems can be installed within minutes. New plug and play systems allow you to simply install the cameras and connect them to the digital recorder – with no technician required. The installation of our office CCTV system is as simple as plugging in the base station and logging in into the user-friendly app to begin.

Theft Prevention – There are times when offices experience theft during regular business hours, especially those offices located in urban areas. Intruders have been known to come in during hours of lunch and steal co-worker belongings right from they’re from desks. Installing a surveillance camera that monitors the lobby for activity is a perfect way to help curb this problem.