Office Speaker

ELGO TECH not only focuses on visible working experience but also pay attention to audio experience in different workplaces. 

We research and analyse many working environments and conduct the key points to improve working efficiency and employees' feeling.


We only choose high-quality speaker brand to be our partner, such as BOSE. A good device is the core of any solutions.


The first requirement for an office speaker is that it needs to sound good. A grating, annoying midrange—the tones where you hear most vocals and many instruments—might not be such a big problem in a portable speaker you take to the beach, but if you’re listening for hours at a stretch, any sonic flaws will stand out.

In addition, the size and shape of the speaker also impact people's working experience. You may want a small portable speaker if you want to put it on your desk, while a stable and premium speaker may need to be placed in a conference room. ELGO TECH offers variety of speaker packages for different circumstances. Not matter big conference rooms or small personal workspaces, the high-quality user experience is our target.