Outdoor Digital Billboard

The outdoor digital display has replaced traditional billboards with digital displays.


While these traditional advertising billboards have been used to display ads through the years, they are easy to ignore, sometimes difficult to see in bright light and not visible at night. With paper billboards, one has to hire labour to climb up replace them when their lease expires.


LED billboards are extremely convenient. They are bright enough to catch attention even in broad daylight, and at night. They are especially investment-worthy for tourist attractions where tourist inflow is high even at night. Outdoor LED displays are also very effective to advertise your brand or messages outside malls, hospitals or business establishment.

Compared to traditional billboards, LED billboards can cover a larger geographical area as they are visible from a distance. They can be installed at a height, so they are convenient to see by everyone including children. They offer the convenience of shape and can be square, rectangular or other custom shapes.