Case Study: Melbourne Airport Billboard

We helped Melbourne Airport transform its T4 Carprking infrastructure with 2 large LED screens to signficantly enhance the public profile of the space and source valuable adverstising revenue.

Supersize Outdoor Advertising Screen for Melbourne Airport


Project Location: Terminal 4, Melbourne Airport

Size: 634 sqm

Year to complete: 2017

The Challenge

Melbourne Airport is Australia's busiest 24/7 airport, serving almost 37 million people annually. The carpart building at Terminal 4, facing the Tullamarine Freeway is in prime position, handling over 45,000 vehicles inbound each day. Originally the airport used the spaces, sited on the two rotundas leading to different levels of the car park, for large static adverts.

The Solution

The dual 320 sqm screens, installed outside the Terminal 4 car park were the largest in Australia. The screens allow full synchronisation between displays, full motion content and full HD capabilities, and more than 1.52 million individual LEDs per screen. The logistics of putting such vast screens in place require significant engineering works. Since then advertising management and monetisation got a whole lot earier for the Melbourne Airport.

Product Specification

  • Pixel Pitch: 25mm

  • Brightness: 5500cd/sqm

  • 39kg per cabinet, 50% lighter than other similar products

  • 30% lower construction cost than conventional cabinet

  • The alluminium cabinet with fa-less design is noiseless and more energy efficient, saving 3-~40% power consumption.

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