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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

We are familiar with retail products which we can purchase from stores, online in daily life. So maybe you wonder: What indeed the OEM for? Should you buy an OEM product? Is there any trouble that may be caused by OEM?

What does OEM mean?

“A company whose goods are used as components in the products of another company, which then sells the finished item to users.” This is a general definition of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Let me explain it with a simple example: When we want to buy a PC, some of us will select the big brand, such as Apple, HP and Dell. These companies may buy processors from Intel and graphics cards from NVIDIA, then assemble them into pre-built PCs. In this case, Intel and NVIDIA are the OEM.

The package is the other way to identify OEM products. Because they're not designed to be on store shelves, so they don't need to look fancy and charming.

Therefore, we can say, the consumer is not the target customer of OEMs and most of them serve business clients.

Why select OEM?

The first reason to select OEM is the price. As we mentioned, the real consumer of OEM products is companies. Sometimes OEM will play the role of supplier during the business cooperation. For one thing, the product provided by OEM can be purchased in bulk at wholesale price. For another, a simple package (even no package) will reduce the cost dramatically as well.

What’s more, OEM is a good option if you want to create your own brand with the least research and manufacturing cost in an industry with many competitors. You don’t have to start from scratch, the OEM will provide the product with all main functions. The things you need to do is to add your creative idea and special design to it.

We are your OEM Partner

ELGO TECH devotes itself to bring high-quality electronic products and business solutions to Australia and all over the world. We are the bridge between good suppliers and successful local companies.

During the past several years, ELGO TECH found many Australian medium and small companies want to create their own brands, but it is hard to acquire good products and business solutions to develop their business.

ELGO TECH keep seeking the best device manufacturers, we already built a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with several Chinese suppliers. We can help our local partners to maintain the supply chain and deal with more things, such as product recommendation, quality testing, product certificates, international transportation, local assessment, pre-sale and post-sales service etc.

We are looking forward to cooperating with more partners from China and Australia and creating mutual benefits together.

Welcome to contact us!

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