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Updated: Jul 8, 2021


For startup and small business, a meeting room plays a significant role in daily works. How to design the meeting room and select suitable office furniture will impact the work efficiency directly. Our conference room solution provides an option which will break the traditional impression.

What do you need?

In a traditional conference room, apart from a meeting table and some chairs, a whiteboard and a projector will be considered in the standard package. There is no doubt that it works, while you have no idea how to make notes on the document you displayed by the projector.

In addition, you will find there is limited space for you and your team when work furniture takes most of the room.

Therefore, the thing you need is a 65-inch All-in-One conference touch panel.

What can it do?

The All-in-One touch panel we provide looks like a big TV, while it combines whiteboard, TV screen, touchpad and PC together.

  • Smart Whiteboard

The 20-points touch screen allows two people to write and draw on it. You can erase it with your hand as well. Multiple preset assistant functions will improve your user experience in brainstorm and team discussion. You can embed your images and document into the whiteboard function so that it is much easy to make notes on it.

  • Content Sharing

What's more, if you want to save your notes and share them with other people, please don't take a photo by phone, because the scan sharing function in our touch panel can help you to save notes immediately. The note contents will transfer to a QR code, everyone can scan the code by smartphone, then the notes will be displayed on each phone.

  • Screen Mirroring

Sometimes your team members want to share their PC screen at the same time. Normal smart TV only supports one device to do it. For our touch panel, it allows 4 devices to share the screen synchronously, no matter smartphone, PC, or iPad.

  • Two Operation System

Most smart TVs and panels on the market are only based on the Android system. The system version problems and limited software can not satisfy more situations although every manufacturer is doing their best to update the system.

Our touch panel provides an embedded OPS module with Windows 10 Pro system and allow users to switch two systems freely. So you can let your personal computer have a rest in the next meeting,

Our Suggestions

If you are considering if you really need it for your meeting room, we have some suggestions:

  • The best scenario to use a 65-inch touch panel is a small conference room with 3-5 people. According to our experience, this is the best size for a small team. You may feel crowded and distracted when more people stay in the small room.

  • If you need to attend a video meeting, we suggest you use our video conference camera. 4-Element Omnidirectional Microphones + 100-degree Ultra Wide-Angle Camera + 360-degree High-quality wideband speaker, the three powerful functions will ensure your meeting quality and make you feel like it is face-to-face communication.

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