Case Study: Digital Facade at Federation Square

Updated: Jul 8, 2021


Project location: Federation Square, Melbourne

Size: 212.5 m2

Year to complete: 2018

Our partner, Unilumin Australia provided 850 LED panels and four million individual pixels for the giant screen wrapping around the northern easters sides of the Transport Building and showing content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Federation Square.

The Challenge

Since it's opening in 2002, Federation Square has become one of Melbourne's most iconic landmarks. A meeting place for all Melbournians in the center of our city and home to some of Victoria's leading cultural institutions, it welcomes approximately 10 million visitors every year. The square went through a period of change with key infrastructure projects underway in the precinct and surrounding areas. To continue growth as an innovative and exciting place for the community, the Victoria Government proposed a redevelopment of Federation Square to deliver a vibrant and attractive precinct, focusing on how to function as a public space and the attractiveness of programming, activities and events across the precinct.

The Solution

One of the key ideas to support a vibrant future for the Federation Square is increased use of the big screen, especially aligned with events and special programs. Federation Squareunveiled the new giant TV screen that it will use to show national and international sporting events and other content. The screen is made up of 850 LED panels, wraps around the northern and easters sides of the Transport building and show content 24 hours a day. Named the "Digital Facafe".

The Results

Since the project was completed in August 2018, the digital facade-AKA our beloved big screen lights up the square 24/7, with specially curated artistic content, live news and TV streams, sporting and cultural events. It is more than just a dazzling viewing and live event experience, it is a piece of living architecture.

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